“You’re far and away the best performer out there in my opinion.”

"You're far and away the best performer out there in my opinion."

Flirting with You at My Desk by Dangling My Sexy Stilettos on My Toes


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22 February 2009

Imagine you’re a student sitting in class before the teacher’s desk… the sexy older female teacher you have a crush on. You love to stare at her everyday and all day long. She always wears those short skirts, a prim button-up blouse, and high, high stiletto heeled shoes: so professional, yet so erotic. She’s not even trying to catch your eye, but you can’t help but glare at her long, smooth, bare legs and naked feet and ankles.

In fact, you know that when she gets tired towards the end of the day, she loves to rest and relax her feet by removing the ankle straps and letting the heels of her shoes drop from her heels, dangling them in the air by her sexy long toes, while sitting with her legs tightly crossed. You love to watch them dangle further and further, toe by toe, until only her big toe holds her shoe. It’s the absolute sexiest site you’ve ever seen….

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