"I've seen my shares of clips etc, and never have i ever felt the need to comment before, ever."

Virtual Striptease at the Club for My Best Customer


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22 January 2009

Hi, sweetie… it’s so nice to see you come in tonight. I’ve missed you! Need a little tender loving care, huh? You know I’ll take care of you…. REAL good care.

Just come over here and sit by me. I know what you’ll like, and you know I’ll treat you just right. I’m going to put on a little show for you… take it real nice and slow, just like you like it. I know you love to watch me strip out of my sexy outfit and down to my lingerie and more… I know you can’t wait to get your hands on my bare skin and nude body. Let me help relax you and put you in just the right mood. You know you’re my very favorite customer…