"There is something very beautiful and honest about the way you are in your vids. It is not just your range of topics or ideas, but how you carry yourself and your sensuality."

Virtual Lap Dance at the Club for My Best Customer


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23 January 2009

You’re such a darling. And so good to me! That’s why I love to spoil you when you come in to see me. Work’s so much more fun when I get to play with you, my big sugar daddy. Did you enjoy watching me strip? I think I’ve mastered the art, all because of your visits and telling me just what you like. And I’m going to show off my lap dancing skills now.

That’s right. It’s time for you to sit right here on this sexy leather chair, relax, and let me do my thing. I know the way you like it… and I’ll tell you just when you can get away with touching me – ANYWHERE you want – when the bouncer isn’t looking. You know I like to spoil you….