"I've turned into a huge fan of yours. Your style of speaking is very natural, easy going, entertaining, and very smooth."

Snotty Little Schoolgirl Teases You While Stripping


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18 May 2009

Ah… what are you staring at me for? I think you want something… I bet I know what it is. Yep. You’re wishing I’d take all my clothes off so you could look at my naked body! You big perv.

Hmmm… maybe I will. Maybe I won’t!

What are you hoping to see?? My cute little ass when I bend over to show my panties like this? Or maybe my big round tits when I put them really close to your face like this? Or maybe you just want to tug on my pigtails and show me a good time? You’re so bad!

Okay, maybe I’ll give you something to look at…