“First off, thank you for the effort you put into your vids.”

"First off, thank you for the effort you put into your vids."

Transforming into a Big Breasted Amazon Overnight


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3 April 2011

Can you even imagine my excitement upon finding I’d actually GROWN overnight??!? I’ve waited my entire life for this… for the chance to live as a taller woman, longer, leaner, like a gorgeous amazon!

I’ve lamented my flat chest, my nonexistent breasts, my short stature. I’ve been made fun of, teased, and just can’t compete with those beautiful, tall , long legged model types. But I’ve found the answer. I took the potion.

And now… I just can’t get over the thrill of waking to find my small clothes no longer fit, my lingerie is too tight, my favorite skirts too short, my tight tops so small that I can barely squeeze into them! And my breasts… my big new beautiful bouncing breasts! I just can’t stop jumping in excitement!!