"Even fantasies I'm not into, I've bought because you where in it. It's a shame no one else out there seems to know what you do cause at the moment you have no competition."

Touching Myself with Sensual, Gloved Hands


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28 December 2008

I’m dressed in my red lace lingerie and long, elbow length black satin gloves just for you… I have a surprise for you. A sensual striptease I want to perform just for you. I’m going to slowly strip down until I’m completely nude… aside from only my sexy high heels and my long, sexy gloves.

They feel so good as I run my hands over my own skin, over every curve, and around every feminine angle. So sexy. They feel like an entirely different pair of hands running all over my naked body…. Yours perhaps?

Hmmm… should I leave them on or take them off as I touch myself and enjoy a delicious orgasm? I think I’ll leave the gloves on…

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