"I can't believe I just bought another 4 vids. What's wrong with the other 28 I've got? But it's always the new one that makes my heart race. It's racing already watching the download meter."

Teasing and Pleasing You in Leather, Fur, and Lingerie


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13 September 2009

Mmmm… see what I’m wearing? I’m all dressed up for you.. well, barely! I’m not wearing anything but an itty bitty black lace g-string… my soft, sexy rabbit fur coat, my supple black leather gloves, and sexy black stilettos. That’s right! …all your favorite things.

Oh, yes! I fully intend to tease and tempt you, draw you nearer, get you big and hard, and show off my body for you…. well, until you just can’t stand it anymore.

No other woman has ever given you a show like this… not even a professional! And you better come for me… that’s the only reward I ask in exchange.