“Others may have hot bodies and great faces, but to be sexy to a blind guy takes something very special; you’ve got it in spades.”

"Others may have hot bodies and great faces, but to be sexy to a blind guy takes something very special; you've got it in spades."

To HD or Not to HD


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29 March 2012

It’s been a long time coming… just about as long as I’ve kept you coming. The high-definition craze took the video world by storm, making video all the more true to life in sharpness, size, resolution, and detail. And your favorite webmistress and videos are following suit to create all the more lifelike, enhanced, and beautiful imagery for the fulfillment of your fantasies.

Tara Tainton Experience is now filming each and every new scene and video offering with a high-definition camera. Every single detail and hue is captured. With this new, higher quality format comes HUGE file sizes. The TTE team threw themselves into all-inclusive research and experimentation to select the format for delivery to our fans offering optimal image quality. We spent over two weeks running tests with the full spectrum of professional video editing and conversion software and various file formats. The carefully chosen 720×480 resolution you now find in all of our stores offers the most superior imagery that current technology enables within the file size requirements of our distributors. Filmed in HD and compressed minimally, every format we now offer for every video added to our growing catalog delivers truly superior image quality.

A great deal of time was spent conducting research with full 1920×1080 resolution video. Unfortunately, the file size restraints of our distributors require a low encoding bit rate, which results in visibly inferior image quality in maintaining the original 1920×1080 filming resolution. That is not acceptable to Tara Tainton Experience, nor to our loyal fans. We found that a 1920×1080 resolution does not automatically equal higher quality and truly “more bang for your buck.” To deliver 1920×1080 or even 1280×720 resolution within tight file size constraints just means a larger image on your screen with more noise and distortion effects due to encoding at lower bit rates.

I personally scrutinized each test video one by one, eager to delight you with seeing me perform for you in true life size… even larger! What I was thrilled to discover is that now, when you indulge in one of our optimized videos, if you want to view me all the more intimately and just stretch your chosen video player’s window to any size you like, the detail, sharpness, and overall quality you’ll see on your screen is visibly better than a low bit rate encoded 1920×1080. That’s right. If it’s screen size you want, including myself big enough for you to receive all that virtual attention life sized, just enlarge your player’s window to your preferred size, and our highly optimized videos look more beautiful than any highly compressed 1920×1080. Really… I didn’t know my face, on video, could look larger than life size… imagine what that would do to my breasts!

Some of you received the word earliest, as recipients of my individual video announcements for your favorite genres, and know that “You Know Who Raised You and Who Owns Your Cock for Life” released just last week on March 20th was the first created in HD 720×480. Every video released since has and will be in this new, superior image quality for all your favorite genres and submitted suggestions. Take a look… enjoy… even the video previews will make you giddy. Want to be sure to get the news earlier next time? Make sure your subscribed to my box.

Sucker for fine quality? (well, I know you are… all my fans know their online options and are truly discerning connoisseurs of fetish video) Want to know how to enjoy TTE video to the absolute fullest? We most recommend our .mov format versions of every video we release. You are currently enjoying the highest quality at reasonable file sizes available in all three of our standard formats of .avi, .mov, and .mp4. You know we love to spoil you! Yet, when it comes to video, .mov is the format which retains its quality like no other. Whether you’re a Windows user or a diehard Mac user, we also recommend Quicktime as your player of choice. The latest version plays your .mov, .mp4, and .avi existing videos in your collection masterfully. Download it here.

As always, we truly delight in treating you, incorporating new techniques, tweaks, and special effects behind the scenes whenever possible to add to your virtual video (and audio) experiences. Look for many more to come!