“I just recently discovered your amazing work. Holy hell you are gorgeous.”

"I just recently discovered your amazing work. Holy hell you are gorgeous."

To Come or Not to Come; That’s for Your Choice to Decide – Video B


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7 June 2018

Do you want to come or be denied?  This time, it’s your choice… without KNOWING which you’ve chosen!  It’s a very simple game: pick A or B.  There are two versions of this video, both exactly the same EXCEPT for the ending.

In both, you’ll watch me tease and strip slowly while I encourage you to make your cock feel oh-so good.  I’ll drop my sweet little panties and bra right in front of your face and… well the rest depends on which video you choose.  Will I let you come?  Will I deny you all together?  Will I count you down to a delicious orgasm, beg for you to come on me, and reveal my sexy naked body?  Or… NOT.

Either, way, if you come before I permit you, you must ruin your orgasm for yourself.  The rest… well, that’s up to your intuitive ability.  Buy one video, and take your chances.

If you’re unlucky in life and denied your orgasm, you can always return to buy the other video… if you think you deserve it.  Or buy both at once, and randomly choose which to experience at one time or another, always teasing yourself with the unknown outcome.  So, which video will you choose?