“I just found your site and have to say I cannot get enough of you!!!”

"I just found your site and have to say I cannot get enough of you!!!"

So Tight, Silky, Smooth… and Until My Son Is Satisfied


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27 June 2017

I really need your opinion… just a few minutes, okay??  Promise!  Just let me show you what I bought today.  I’ll just try each top on and you let me know if it’s flattering, or not or whatever.  Okay?  I promise it won’t take long!  And you better be honest with your mother.  I don’t want to go out looking like… anything bad!

I so appreciate your time but… now, why did you ask me to try on that one top again?  Were you unsure about it?  But you said it was fine…  The tight-fitting one? Silky cashmere with the skin-soft feel and the deep neckline?  Okay… I do want your honest opinion.

Now, just let me try on the last one and then… again??  Really?  You want me to put on the new sweater for a third time?  Well …hee hee… okay!  But… well, you’re being just a bit suspicious… and really flattering.  Maybe I’ll have to model this one a bit just to be sure you’re finally satisfied with your opinion and don’t keep asking me to try it on 10 more times!!

…Honey, do you… are you… did I, maybe, tease you a bit too much trying on all those tops?  And this sweater… well, it does something… “special” for you?  Gosh, and I should have known, really… men do like form-fitting clothes on women… and sweaters… sweaters can be very sexy.  Especially as they’re just so soft to touch…

I’m so sorry, honey.  I just needed your help.  Do you… want me to… maybe… satisfy more than just your curiosity?  I mean, I owe you now, don’t I…