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This Countdown Session Will Drive You CRAZY


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21 August 2015

You want what? A countdown for you to masturbate to? Right now? Can’t you see that I’m busy? I have things to do. Oh, fine. All right. You know I like to make you happy. You pull it out, start jerking, and I’ll count down to come-time for you. But don’t get upset if I… wait a minute. What number was I on?

Okay, um… I’ll continue. But don’t you dare come before I reach zero!! No, no, no, you have to wait for it. You can do it. Now, here… oh! Wait a second. The phone’s ringing. Hang on. It’s my girlfriend… this’ll just take a second. “Yeah, no, well, you did call right in the middle of a countdown. Yeah, he’s waiting for me right now, just jerking away. Yeah, it’s probably pretty agonizing for him, but I do want to hear how your date last night went….” Okay, so where was I? Oh, I better start from the top again…

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