"I discovered your website for the first time this weekend and purchased several of your videos, and I have been astonished at the high quality of your work. It is very clear how passionate you are about giving pleasure to your viewers."

The Sound of My Voice Renders You Utterly under My Control


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28 April 2012

It’s time to remove all doubt from your mind. In fact, it’s time to remove your MIND itself. From this point forward, I will do all your thinking. I will command you completely: mind, body, and soul. You are about to embark on a very slow, intense sound seduction, thrusting you into a trance so deep that you’ll be rendered totally helpless.

I will control your mind… your cock… your hands… your pleasure… and your humiliation. When you give yourself up to me, there’s no turning back. You have NO IDEA what I will command your body to do… your voice to do… your hands to do… your mind to surrender to. This is a complete hypno experience, beginning to end. Nothing will exist but our time together… the sound of my voice… your willful allegiance and mindless following.

And you will succumb to the best orgasm of your life. You can’t help but do so… when I control your cock and you give yourself up to ME.