“Now that I've found you and your superior products of quality without any equal in the whole internet, I'm sure I'll be giving my monthly tribute for you from here on.”

The Cowgirl Chronicles: Looking for a Big Stud to Milk


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7 August 2011

Ah, um, excuse me. I know you don’t know me… I’m just up this way from Texas, in town for a BIG competition. I bet you could tell from my accent. Ha! You see, I could use some friendly assistance… if you could be so kind. And you DO look like such a kindhearted man, a giving man… and a big stud too, if I may be so bold! hee hee hee!

Well, you see, there’s a big competition tomorrow. And I need to practice. Where I’m from, they call me a “milkmaid.” hee hee hee. No, I don’t exactly milk cows…. I milk men!! And you look like SUCH a perfect specimen! I bet you have so much milky white cream to contribute to my thermos right here.

I’m keeping a tally of how many men I’ve milked. Oh, don’t you worry about a thing. I’m a professional! I have SERIOUS milking skills, honey! You’re such a sweet thing… if you’ll just agree to let me practice on you… I promise to milk you as you’ve never been milked before! Yee haw!!