:I feel like you really care about your content. Thank you SO MUCH. You give me the greatest orgasms."

The Cost of Your Cheating Ways: Mixing Pain with Pleasure


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6 December 2017

Oh, you SHOULD be scared.  I’ve discovered you’ve cheated on me.  You didn’t hide it very well.  All the evidence I need is right there on your computer.  That’s why I’m so calm.  It frightens you, doesn’t it.  Yes… I’m totally in control, even when I’m the one who you’ve been unfaithful to.  In fact, you have no idea just how in control I am… how I’m handling this situation… and what I truly intend to do about it… do TO you.

Just relax; I’m using my most soothing voice to reassure you.  I’m using my deft hands to work your erection to show you just how I’ve totally forgiven you already for all your indiscretions.  Don’t worry about what’s really on mind, in my plans, or what I’m plotting to carry out my revenge.  You can’t know or see what I’m really thinking while I bring you to orgasm and play coy… or can you??