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Taking Your Manhood to Protect My Little Angel


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17 June 2016

Oh, don’t worry. It won’t take very long. Your manhood itself will be behind you in a matter of minutes… if you even manage to prevent yourself from fainting before I’m through performing this “operation” on you. No, I’m not trained or anything. I’m just a mom who loves her little angel very much.

I know what you men are all about. I know full well what you desire and how much you just lust for flesh. This dick of yours… is NOT going inside my own offspring. No, no, no. I’m going to take care of you once and for all so that there is no way you can take advantage of her… or anyone else again. Life will be different after your dick is chopped off, you know. Women will know there’s something strange about you… even before they ever find out how you’ve been emasculated.

My little one won’t be interested in you any longer either. Oh, she’ll need a good hard cock, all right. All of us red-blooded women do. But I’m not going to let it be YOURS that takes care of that need. I’m going to make sure she moves on. It is a pity though… I’m quite surprised with what I found inside your boxer shorts. I didn’t know you were “packing” so much. It’ll make a great souvenir…