"I never really comment on any kind of videos I stumble upon on the web, but in your case you actually fulfilled all my fantasies, as you promised."

Stripping Away Your Manhood and Feminizing You Through Hypnotherapy


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8 May 2010

I see… so, you want me to reinforce these lifestyle changes in your husband as a last resort to salvage your suffering marriage and sexual relationship or you’re going to leave him? (leaving you free to date other…. women?) Don’t worry; you’ve come to the right place. (Now, I know just how to alter things in my favor…)

I’m highly qualified and my hypnotherapy techniques have proven their success. (I have the skills to enable me to completely destroy your husband permanently!) I will work closely with your husband over the coming weeks; you’ll see a marked improvement in him. (You’ll see him regress to a little girl and lose all remnants of his masculinity.) I assure you; he will be in great hands. (Can’t wait to get my hands all over your beautiful breasts when you’re free from your husband…)

Oh, that’s him now. It’s time for our first appointment. Thank you again for meeting with me yesterday to discuss your husband’s case. Only time will tell now whether there’s hope for your marriage or not. (Believe me, there’s not!) I’ll update you on his progress; you’ll see him home again shortly. (…and asking you where the potty is so he can go tinkle!!) *click*

Well, hello there! Welcome to my office. It’s a pleasure to meet you. Let’s get down to business with a quick assessment and then I have a procedure in mind for your situation. Now, I understand you’re willing to try ANYTHING to please your wife and save your relationship? Good… very good…