"So often others' videos are SO fake and other actresses can't act their way out of a paper bag, but you truly put effort and ability into your work and it really shows. I really appreciate your awesome role-playing ability."

My HypnoTherapy Will Make You Love Women’s Muscles


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9 April 2012

You’ve come to the right place. My techniques have changed so many lives for the better, bringing couples closer together and working with individuals to refocus their own phobias and hangups. Let me make sure I understand your concerns correctly. You say your wife has been going to the gym and… at first, you actually thought it would just be a social outlet for her, a chatting occasion and nothing more? But she’s started developing muscles and you didn’t know that was possible for a woman?

You say you don’t like the look of her newly developed and hardening muscles? May I ask if you’re intimidated by them of feeling a bit weak in comparison? Well, I believe the solution is not to prevent your wife from working out but to better appreciate your wife and admire her muscles. Not possible, you say? If I can’t convince you that this is the best solution, my alternative therapy will certainly “persuade” you.

Once inside your subconscious and meeting your fears and trepidations directly, I’ll leave you no choice but to develop a desire to worship female musculature as you are rendered a captive and admiring audience of my own… The very sight of hard, chiseled feminine muscles will soon have YOU getting hard. That’s not all; you’ll become completely obsessed.

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