“I think you’re amazing. I have never written anyone before until you. You just have that special something.”

"I think you're amazing. I have never written anyone before until you. You just have that special something."

Back for your Second Session of Emasculating Hypnotherapy: I Want your Wife


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11 September 2010

“Yes, yes, please be reassured that your husband’s treatment program is going just as expected. Yes, even despite his odd and disconcerting behavior. He’s vulnerable right now; you must be patient with him. This is not the time to leave him for his inadequacies. You must promise me you’ll ensure he visits me for all of his scheduled hypnotherapy sessions.”

Oh, dear. She sounded so hysterical. I’m glad I managed to calm her down. Everything is going according to plan; I wouldn’t want to lose the benefits of all of this progress I’ve made so far. Soon enough, I’ll have her husband completely broke down, stripped of all of his remaining masculinity, and truly believing he is and acting like a female. He’ll lose all desire for his wife or any other women… and his sexy wife will be available – and vulnerable – for me to move in on.

When I just think of her, speak to her, or consider having a one-on-one session with HER, I get so turned on… I practically have to get myself off right now!!

“Oh, you’re here! It’s so great to see you again. Please, just lie down on the couch like last time. We’ll discuss your feelings about our last session together, any questions you have, and then we’ll commence treatment right away. These therapy sessions are integral to your overall progress. We must adhere to them strictly. Just lie back, relax, and trust me. I’m your doctor; and you’re safe in my hands….”