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Stomping, Choking, Drowning, and Cutting My Sandals to Pieces


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30 August 2009

Argh!! I just can’t stand these horrible shoes! They’re way too small for my feet, all scraped and scuffed up with worn heels… just LOOK! Yuck! I just don’t want them anymore. I hate them! They need to be destroyed. Stupid shoes! *stomp, stomp, STOMP*

I know just how to take care of them and get rid of them for good… I just need to fill the sink up with water… and then soak and drown and bend and tear the shoes beneath the water! Bye bye ugly sandals! You’ll never touch my beautiful feet again.

Hmmm… I have to do one last thing. *snip, snip* Yes! I’m going to slice and dice these cheap shoes to pieces! They’ll never be the same again…