"I'm impressed with how much personality you have on screen and how you genuinely seem to want your fans to have the most erotic experience."

Pressing My Feet in Old Sandals in the Shadows


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28 May 2009

Don’t my little feet look so deliciously sexy in this lighting? You get to be very, very close and watch all the action. I knew you’d love seeing my feet work in dirty old, scratched up sandals… you can tell just how much I’ve worn these shoes out! They’re practically falling apart… and all because my sexy feet have been walking in them so much and for so long.

See the way my feet press hard into the sandals’ soles? And my own wrinkled soles raise up and down and up and down, wrinkling all the more and really showing off my sexy, curved arches. My heels are working hard too… lifting and pressing, lifting and pressing…

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