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Spontaneous Housecleaning and Orgasms in Stockings and Slippers


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14 May 2009

Ah, this is tough. I’m running out of time to get dressed this morning, and I just can’t decide which stockings and shoes to wear. I love them all! Some of these just won’t do for work, but I love the feel of tight nylons on my legs… especially sexy thigh-high stockings!

You know… I’d really love just to wear my slippers for now. They’re so comfortable… but look at this floor! It’s filthy! I absolutely have to do some cleaning real quick.

I’ll just get the vacuum cleaner, run it around the carpet a few times… back and forth and back and forth… oooh, this vibrating handle feels so tempting in my hands! Oooh, and it tickles me in my lace panties!! I’ve got the most wonderful idea…