"I was so turned on and so invested in the clip that it was the most intense wank and most incredible orgasm I have ever had."

Someone’s Gonna Get It


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19 June 2013

And guess what?  It’s all of you!!  I’ve just been interviewed on the super sexy Someone’s Gonna Get It.  If you haven’t “gotten it” yet, you should hop over right now and get what’s comin’ to you.  I suppose you’ve been good enough to deserve looking in on a delicious, candid interview with your favorite spanking mommy.

I had so much fun discussing my affinity for spanking, playing mommy (stern or sweet!), and my fans themselves on one of the sexiest spanking themed sites I’ve ever spotted online.  The brave man behind the site asked me questions I’d never been asked before… and you know I just have to honestly divulge every secret to my own spanking history and respect for that corporal punishment I’ll never tire of delivering to you!

It’s all waiting for you in “Tara Tainton – Great from Any Angle.”  I’m sure you can handle it.  …as well as all the delicious spankings I have yet in store for you.

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