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How Dare You Spy on Mommy Using the Toilet!


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12 June 2020

How DARE you!!  I can’t believe you… how long have you been watching mommy?!  Did you see… Oh, you’re in trouble now, mister!  Go to my room.  You will WAIT there, and you’re going to be SPANKED!!

I can’t believe… after all this time… I don’t even want to know how many times you may have watched me use the toilet.  You’re a dirty little boy!  Well, I’ll have you know… you’re NEVER too old to be spanked!

Now, are you going to pull down your pants, or is mommy going to have to do it for you?  Oh, my… what is that!?!?  An erection?  Why in the world… Okay, well, you will just have to bend over my knee anyway.  A proper spanking will get rid of that right away.

Don’t let it touch me!  I feel it rubbing on my thighs!!  What… did you… YOU STAINED MOMMY’S DRESS!!!!!!!!  Lick it off, lick it off right now!!  And bend over my knee; I have to spank you for THAT now!