"I recently stumbled upon your website and have been unable to get you out of my mind. The way in which you engage the camera has me yearning for more."

So, You’re LIKE, TOOOOTALLLY Turned on by Dumb Girls?


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15 November 2016

We’ve been married for years… and things have gone… STALE.  BORING.  BLAND.  But I’ve just discovered what you’re REALLY into… you’re turned on by dumb girls… REALLY dumb girls: straight-up bimbos, valley girl accent and all.  Well, if you want it… let’s see if you can REALLY handle it.

Oh, I’m gonna lay it on THICK… the voice, the idiocy, the self-fondling, the flirting, the huge ego, the air-headedness.  Yes, I can dish it out – if that’s what you really want.  Question is… can you HANDLE it??

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