"You are REAL and you are actually TALENTED!"

So Turned on to Find a Dirty Little Exhibitionist in the Dressing Room


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15 May 2010

Look at you! Such a dirty little exhibitionist… playing with yourself right here in the dressing room in a popular clothing store! Did you purposely pick a spot, knowing full well that sexy women come and go all day long? Did you want me to find you here? …sitting there, back turned to the door, your pants down around your ankles, and your big, hard bare cock out and fully exposed as you work it masterfully!

Did you hear me open the door? Can you feel me watching? If you were just a bit closer to the door… you’d feel my hot breathe on your neck…. smell the musk of my womanly scent as I finger myself beneath my short short skirt… and pick up my sweet perfume delicately sprayed between my soft breasts.

Yes, I’m whispering to you… hoping you can’t hear… but almost wishing you could. I’m issuing you directions, deep, hot, and horny husky instructions for how to continue the show just for my benefit. Are you SURE you don’t know I’m right here… staring at your handiwork and getting off while you do??