“Your clips have been so brilliant.”

"Your clips have been so brilliant."

Snagging a John too Good to Believe


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6 October 2011

You looked like my best client yet… driving up in that fancy car and practically throwing money at me. I wanted to be yours for a few hours… maybe even overnight… I had NO idea you’d “take me” for a lifetime!

I’m forever yours because of that one night. Because I took the job… because of the very job I do. I’m a working girl… you loved my fishnet stockings and revealing negligee. You were a great lay. I still remember how it felt to be beneath you.. and all that special attention you paid to my soft neck flesh… I don’t remember much more.

I remember a pinch, a sting, and then another world completely… All that was left of you the next morning was the tender marks on my neck.