"Thank you for doing that thing you do,Tara Tainton... because nobody does it better. Those little extra swings you put in your walk... just those sexy little details are wonderful."

Describing for My Cross-Dressing Friend What It Feels Like to Be a Woman


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30 March 2009

I know you love to wear women’s clothing. I think that’s so hot! I would love to see you all dressed up in your hottest, sexiest outfit. Nice and tight and form fitting, very short and cleavage revealing. Do you have sexy short light colored shorts like mine with a sexy sleeveless top to match?

I would love to describe exactly what it feels like to be in a woman’s body… to feel that flatness in the front of my shorts, the smoothness of my bare legs, the swell of my big breasts pressing up against my lace bra, the coolness of the air on my bared cleavage.

If you saw me walking in my hot summer outfit at the mall or down the sidewalk in these high heeled sandals, would you stare at me? Would you notice how my shorts move over my ass cheeks as I walk, how the high heels make my legs tense and my hips sway? I love sharing this intimate moment with you… you and I dressed the same way together so I can share with you exactly what it feels like to be a woman.