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Shrinking Smaller and Straight into Despair


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19 June 2012

I can’t believe what’s happening! Can’t you see it? Don’t you notice all the changes?! I just… I KNOW I’m smaller! Not much… yet… but I think I’m shrinking! Don’t you remember how small this shirt was on me? How much BIGGER my breasts were?? Can’t you see what’s happening?? Oh, what am I gonna do?! I’m so scared!

I just can’t… well… maybe it’s all in my head, even though I swear the ceiling’s higher than it ever was before… my panties are getting looser, even my stockings are starting to fall down, and I can’t find anything in my closet that actually FITS anymore! What’s happening??! Can’t anyone help?? What am I gonna do???

I’m still shrinking, I just know it. I mean, look at how this SAME t-shirt fits on me now! It’s down to my knees and elbows! My high heels are hanging off my feet, tripping me over, and falling off. The whole world is getting bigger while I’m getting smaller and smaller!!