“I never had fantasies until I found you.”

"I never had fantasies until I found you."

Shrinking Down to Way Too Small for My Clothes and Shoes


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4 October 2011

There’s nothing better than lounging in my favorite T-shirt… so tight and soft on my body…. and my warm cozy pajama pants too! I LOVE clothes that fit perfectly and snugly and… wait a minute. How’d that happen? My T-shirt is WAY too big!! What happened?!?

Wait a minute… this neck hole is SO big! I can fit my whole body through it! My pants are slipping down my waist and completely off! My clothes are bagging and bunching up EVERYWHERE. I’m swimming in my shirt… lost in my own pants!

Wow… those new diet pills must REALLY be working. How small am I going to get?? I’ll have to put on my roommate’s clothes. She’s so tiny and petite. …and her wardrobe is STILL too big for me!

My sweater’s slipping over my shoulders, baggy at the waist, and revealing my too-big bra WAY too much. And these pumps… they’re going to be the death of me! My heels slip out of them EVERY time I take a step! I’m going to hurt myself!