"Every time you get close to the camera and talk, it's amazing. You say all the right things to make yourself seem so in control."

Living Out My Biggest Fantasy: Shrinking Down to Your Pocket-Size Girlfriend


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19 March 2011

I can’t believe it’s actually happening…. it works!!! I’ve found a way to actually change my size, to shrink smaller and smaller until I can serve as my boyfriend’s hot, sexy, pocket-size girlfriend! It’s my biggest fantasy of all!

He’ll be so surprised when I show him, when I explain just what is happening, how incredible and erotic it is, just how I’m feeling, and all I can do for him as I’m shrinking smaller and smaller in size down to a little doll-size he can play with any way he wishes! I can’t wait to turn him on with the discovery and see his face when I shrink right down before him!!