“What a truly talented actress you are. You attention to details is astounding, your dialog is realistic and very engaging, and your camera work is very high quality.”

Living Out My Biggest Fantasy: Shrinking Down to Your Pocket-Size Girlfriend


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19 March 2011

I can’t believe it’s actually happening…. it works!!! I’ve found a way to actually change my size, to shrink smaller and smaller until I can serve as my boyfriend’s hot, sexy, pocket-size girlfriend! It’s my biggest fantasy of all!

He’ll be so surprised when I show him, when I explain just what is happening, how incredible and erotic it is, just how I’m feeling, and all I can do for him as I’m shrinking smaller and smaller in size down to a little doll-size he can play with any way he wishes! I can’t wait to turn him on with the discovery and see his face when I shrink right down before him!!