“I do love your stories and the way you present them, first rate!”

"I do love your stories and the way you present them, first rate!"

Sexy Nun Helps You Purge Your Body of Your Sinful Lust


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2 February 2010

You have so much trouble resisting those lustful urges. Your own sinful lust has gotten you into trouble yet again. This time, you’re condemned to staying after school with Sister Tara… lucky you! She’s the most talked about nun instructing at the school. Those stockings she wears… and sexy slingback high heel shoes… Just you and her in the classroom.

She’s all business though, ready to defeat those evil temptations and help you win the fight to remain on God’s side by resisting those urges and controlling those spontaneous penile swellings. But being forced to read one Bible verse after another isn’t going to make you change your ways.

Besides, you just can’t take your eyes off of Sister Tara’s thighs… her ass as she bends over… her tiny little waist… her sexy eyes beneath that habit… those bare shoulders… those tight elbow-length gloves… and even the way she caresses the cross hanging from her rosary beads with her soft lips. If only, if only…

Yet, your young mind can’t even fathom what lesson she has in store for you and just how she’s going to ensure you’ve purged your entire body of all that LUST…