“Your delivery leaves your competitors’ content in the dust.”

"Your delivery leaves your competitors' content in the dust."

My Sweet, Sweet Cuckold Husband


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24 April 2020

Oh, honey… you just make me love you all the more, the way you take such obvious pleasure from seeing me get laid by other men while you watch.  Seeing your eyes on me, knowing your watching that huge dick slide into me—deep into me—just makes me want to get fucked harder, to see that look in your eyes, to see how much you love me.

I mean, I must be the luckiest wife in the world!  You love to watch your wife get pounded by strangers… by those big dicks that just forced themselves into every part of me.  You love to see how hot it makes me, to have you there watching while I come again and again.  I know it makes you hard; I know it’s making you hard right now.  I can still feel him inside me, still feel his cum leaking out of my pussy and pantyhose right now.  I know you could come multiple times while I go on and on about our recent experience together.  I know how hot it makes you; it just makes ME get WETTER.  I’m so, so very grateful to you for letting me get fucked by any man I want…