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Sex Benefits the Workplace


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26 August 2009

No, I didn’t mention “office sex,” actually having sex on the job, or getting some nice oral under your desk. If you did participate during the work day, well… you wouldn’t actually be working, would you? And that’s not good for business. But having sex is. New research reports that the mood-boosting, confidence-building, and motivating chemistry of sex itself offers many benefits for employers.

Dr. Helen Fisher recently conducted a study involving 40,000 Chemistry.com members, nearly half male and female, averaging age 37. The sex-advocating doctor points out that many benefits of that act of intercourse have the ability to improve performance in the workplace, as reported in “Sex May Boost Workplace Problem Solving” published by United Press International.

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So, how does sex specifically help out on the job? Dr. Fisher’s study points out these sex-boosted benefits:

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I don’t think these facts will serve to convince your boss that you need a new sexy secretary willing to put out for pay, but… you should definitely make sure you leave time over the lunch hour for a quickie!

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