"It was like watching old home videos and the dirtiest porn at the same time--and I actually mean that in a really good way."

Sensory Overload


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8 October 2014

Do you want to FEEL me more than you ever have before? Utilize all five senses (and maybe even a sixth?) to come in a most explosive way? I’m going to overload your senses… guide your masturbation… direct your cum eating, ball aching, self-stimulating extravaganza! You’re going to pulse and ache, stroke and rub, taste and feel, smell and touch… vibrate and touch… all the way to orgasm, all five senses so ALIVE and vibrant.

And I’m going to remind you just how perverted your kind of play is… I want you focusing on how kinky you are, how devilish and naughty, and just how hot you get when we play this way together. You ARE my cum slut. To reward you, I’m going to treat you to a session tempting all five senses… all guided by my own sexy, soothing voice.

I’m rubbing my pussy first to get my own juices flowing and soaked into my panties before I make you wear them next to your nose… don’t forget to grab your prostate massager…