"I have a ton of your clips and really, there's no one quite like you. The perfect woman really. I have wasted a lot of tissues to you, lol."

Self-Gagging Trials to Plan Your Kidnapping


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12 April 2011

I have to find a way to stifle his every breath, to silence his cries and cover his futile attempts to call for help. I want my plan to go perfectly, my evening to be effortless, and my enjoyment of his helplessness to be completely uninterrupted. Everything must go perfectly. But if a single neighbor hears my kidnappee cry out, if even just one of his moans carries over to a nearby home and he’s heard, all my fun will end.

I can’t let that happen. I need to know the perfect way to gag and silence him. I’ll try one method after another, one gag or tie or choke after another. I’ll tape his mouth shut, secure a bandana to his jaw, stuff his throat with a fat rubber ball, or even resort to using my bare hands to cover his mouth completely… whichever method works best after I try them all on myself first.