"No porn star gets me as hard as your step mom videos can."

Moaning Through My Taped Mouth for a Hot Office Orgasm


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6 November 2009

Oh, I really need a break! I darn well deserve one! Where’s my boss at? Can she see or hear me in my cubicle at work? I bet I can get away with just playing with my little toy stashed in my desk… just one quick orgasm and I’ll be completely re-energized at the office! Mmm… ah…. oh!!!!

Oh, shoot! Did she hear me? I’m so loud! I just can’t keep it down. What if I put my own hand over my mouth… oh, it’s still too loud! And I’m dying to come.

I know!! Where is it… ah, yes, this thick tape will do!! I’ll just stretch it over my little mouth securely to stifle and silence all of my moans and groans…

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