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Quick and Dirty Series: A Sexy Salute to My Soldier Boys


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24 May 2010

To all my sexy soldier boys out there… to all my military men active or retired… for all of your hard work… for your time served and your patriotic dedication… and most of all, for those of you serving overseas right this very moment and in need of a good “boost” to your morale… I offer you my own humble and very sexy salute, hoping and encouraging you to enjoy one big orgasm as you’re so deserving of while I strip out of my bratty little military outfit selected just for you.

Yes, I’m personally saluting my Marines, my Army boys, my Navy sea men, and my Air Force fly boys. I love you all so much! Now, it’s time for you to shoot one for the home team! Keep up that stamina, boys, and come home safe and sound! You know what you mean to us, ESPECIALLY to me.

Now, keep that “weapon” of yours well lubed, in fighting shape, and ready to fire! xoxoxo!

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