"You do an excellent job, and you have a beautiful voice and a stunning body. Just the perfect encouragement needed to make things happen."

A Sailor Themed Striptease Salute to My Serving Soldier Boys


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4 July 2010

Are you feeling patriotic today? Need a good dose of the old red, white, and blue… being stripped off my curvy body? Are you “ready and able,” proud to serve my demands, and ready to fire away that big ol’ torpedo of yours? Wanna “swab my deck?” hee hee hee

I’m ready and waiting for you… all dressed up in my very tight and shapely sailor dress and so ready to strip it all off… one piece at a time. And did I mention I’m wearing my garter belt and stockings beneath this hot little uniform??

It’s time to exercise your personal independence and indulge in a great big orgasm directed by yours truly.

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