"Thank you so much for bringing us this beautiful world you have built and created and what I will believe to be the most inviting, friendly, attractive, sweetest voice and dialogue I have EVER heard in any adult production."

Oops, I Ruined Your Orgasm! Maybe I’ll Let You Come Next Time


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29 September 2010

Guess what mood I’m in? I would love to give you the gift of an awesome orgasm. Would you like one? All you have to do is enjoy yourself… and agree to follow every single little command I give you, every bit of direction. It’s for YOUR pleasure, of course. I just want YOU to be satisfied.

I want to watch you play with yourself, feel your cock in your hand, and come for me. If you do follow my directions well… I’ll encourage you all the more by showing off this new set of pink lace lingerie… and slipping right out of it for you. Just keep following EVERY demand I give you…