“Your films are so engaging & immersive that it keeps me till the last second not just a quicky to exit.”

Proving My Power, Towering Over One Cowering Man at a Time


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23 May 2023

*NOW in 1080p FULL HD!

Errrr… ah, a good morning stretch is just what I need to wake up these long, lean, GIANT amazon limbs and big muscles. I LOVE being a giantess! Every day involves so many ways to exert my strength and power over all smaller peons. They’re everywhere I turn, I can hardly avoid them. Not my fault if I accidentally step on them… what’s that?!

A scream? A cry for help? Oh, my! A poor doll is being held hostage by cruel and sadistic tiny Army men! What the?! Not on my watch! You have no idea what you’ve started, you mere insects! I’m going after you one by one until you’re all crushed, trampled, chewed, eaten, and smothered… You’ve taken advantage of your last victim!