"I can certainly see why you are #1 - apart from your movies themselves, taking the time to personally write to fans makes a big impression... congratulations on being a fetish superstar!"

Dreaming of My Giantess Fetish


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10 February 2012

Oh, I woke up and, seemingly, not a single inch bigger! That’s so disappointing. I keep wishing and hoping and praying… I just love to imagine how incredibly sexy and truly inspiring it would be to wake up as a sleek, sexy, TALL giantess… an AMAZON woman of the biggest proportions! Can you imagine it? Oh, I sure can.

I know what my day to day like would entail, all the discoveries I’d make, all the trials and tribulations… I know full well the challenges and possibilities and the FUN I would have! Would you worship me? Can you dream of how beautiful I would be? Do you know what power I would have?

I don’t know for sure but… I don’t even know if I could control my own size and power but… I would LOVE to experience that tremendous growth. Let me dream of it out loud with you…