"I just wanted to let you know that you are simply the BEST at what you do. It's like you've read my mind and are delivering EXACTLY the kind of fantasy I was wishing for."

Paying for Your Perceived Perversion to Suit Your Evil Teasing Stepmom


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16 November 2011

Oh, no you don’t! Did you just look at my ASS as I bent over?!? I’m your stepmom!!! What would your father say about that? And I just found your homework left by the wayside while you’re playing video games. You’re a little rascal… and a pervert! How DARE you?!

Are you actually attracted to your stepmom? Are you thinking lascivious thoughts about my bum? Do you peek down my cleavage too and hope for a glimpse of something more?? And I know you have a thing for my dark pantyhose stretched over my legs. Pervert! Are you going to keep staring at me? I see the crotch of your pants stretching taut. Don’t you dare touch that thing!

Does it get harder when you watch your stepmom run her fingers over her legs, over her breasts, down into her panties? Don’t you DARE touch yourself! I see you growing harder… what happens when you watch me pleasure myself? Is this what you want to see? Is this why you’re fascinated with older women? Is this what you were hoping to catch a glimpse of?

Oh, I’m not THAT kind of woman! You won’t get to see my lady bits… not for you!! But you’re going to watch me bring myself to orgasm by touching myself where you wish you could while I deny you any relief. Well, and what you do in your bedroom later is your own matter! As long as I don’t know about it…

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