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Overpowering your Muscled Punk Ass to your Extreme Regret


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31 May 2011

Oh, look at you, all muscle bound and gym frequenting. You think you’re so tough. Are you trying to intimidate me into going out with you?? Or do you actually think I’m turned on by all those muscles? You probably take steroids. Just go home, and leave me alone.

What? You could lay me out in no time flat? Is that a threat?? Do you want to prove that? I could kick your ass without even blinking twice. Now, get out of my way and let me in my car. (Geeze… you’d think that kid would know a powerful woman when he sees one. What’s with men these days??

It’s good to be home. All I want to do is take my shoes off and relax. Ahhhh… what was that? Did I just hear something? Did I leave the door unlocked??) AHHH, it’s YOU! You little stupid steroid eating shit!

Had to prove something to me??? Well, you broke into the WRONG HOUSE and picked on the WRONG GIRL!! I’ll have you down on the floor, mouth taped and hogtied in 5 minutes flat! Then, what are you going to do with yourself? Cry for mercy?!?!