"I've been a pornography lover for many years. Over those years, I've never encountered a model that brings the passion for the camera into their shoots like you do."

Now that You’ve Got Me Alone, What Will You Do with Me?


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6 May 2010

Oooh… looks like we’re all alone together. Did you plan this? hee hee hee Well, now that you’ve got me all to yourself, what will you do with me?

I’ll tell you what you can do FOR me… why don’t you pull out your fat cock and show me how much I turn you on. Go ahead now. I have a few thoughts to share with you as well… a few things to show you.

I know you greatly appreciate an expert striptease. Oh, you do love to be teased! Come on now. Don’t get too carried away. I don’t want our time together to go by too quickly. Take your time, and then show me just how much you adore me by giving me the sweetest gift of all.