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My Worst Date Ever


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19 November 2009

Oh, my gosh! I do have a horrible date story to share. It was my worst date EVER! I’ve told this story so many times, and it makes ALL my girlfriends roll with laughter every time! I’ve even told it to every man I’ve met since.

You wouldn’t believe what I saw that one fateful night! It must be the smallest penis ever in existence! I’ve never seen another one like it… I didn’t even think men could come that small in size! It was shocking, so horrific, and so terribly funny! I couldn’t help but laugh and laugh and laugh… and that was after I realized that it wasn’t a joke, that what I was seeing before my eyes when I was all hot and horny and ready to fuck was real… the smallest penis on the planet!

Oh, you have to sit down for this. It’s a GREAT story. You might not even believe it – I almost couldn’t believe I actually lived it – but it’s the greatest worst date story ever. Listen closely… I’ll tell it so well that you’ll feel like you were experiencing it all with me…