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My UK Fans Will Have to Speak Up to Keep Viewing


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22 July 2013

I haven’t been keeping tabs on the latest UK legislation, but today’s announcement by Prime Minister David Cameron takes me, and most UK residents, by surprise.  Whatever the government labels as “pornography,” will soon be blocked for you… unless you, as a UK resident, make a point to reverse the filtering your internet service provider automatically sets for you.  How’s that for taking away your freedom of choice?

BBC News reports the extent of the future changes UK residents can expect in “Online Pornography to Be Blocked by Default, PM Announces.”  As usual, there are a few good reasons cited to block specific illegal activity and prevent harm to individuals while the mandates are a great excuse to toss in a lot of unnecessary, even completely dictatorial, rules and limitations for the masses.

I imagine your tube site perusing will soon be limited if not completely impossible.  Will clips distribution sites like Clips4Sale be blocked by the filtering as well?  If and when you have trouble ordering your favorite video experiences online, let me know.  I’m here to fight the good fight and let you have your erotic content!

In the meantime, watch for these upcoming changes, and be sure to let your ISP know you prefer to choose what you’re allowed to access.  Be sure to remove the default filters so you never miss out on a virtual experience you wouldn’t want to live without.