"Huge fan of your work. You are without a doubt the best at what you do and you take such great care of your fans."

Oh, You Don’t Think I Can Force You to Come in Your Pants Right Here and Now?


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24 October 2009

Hi… am I disturbing you? Your daughter said I could find you here in your study. Oh, and your wife says dinner will be ready in just 10 minutes! She’s right there in the next room. I think I can see her from here… oh, yes, there she is!

My, you have such an impressive office. Are all of those shiny plaques awards you’ve earned? You must be a really hard worker. And very smart too! I think intelligent men are so sexy… Do you mind if I reach behind you and… what’s on that shelf over there? Ooh, were my breasts in your face? I’m so sorry!

I didn’t want to bother you… just came to ask for your wallet so that your daughter and I could go have a little fun. We’ve studied so hard at college all semester… don’t you think we deserve to have a good time? I know you can’t say “no” to me. If you do, I’m going to make you cum in your pants right here, you dirty old man, with your wife in the very next room!