“Something about your voice is just really inviting… and encouraging, perhaps because you are so nice off camera as well.”

"Something about your voice is just really inviting... and encouraging, perhaps because you are so nice off camera as well."

My “Honey Do” List Waits for You


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4 August 2014

It’s our first morning home together, now that we’re married… You’re my HUSBAND now. And what I want most in a husband is OBEDIENCE. I left this little audio message on your player for you, tucked visibly beside your FORMER spot in MY bed and with a note reading “Play Me” on it, to find as you wake up this morning – your LAST morning to ever be permitted to sleep in – and listen to you in my absence. I am a hard working woman, much harder than I’d like, and I’m inclined to correct that now.

Today is the start of our new life together: your new life as my most dear slave. You’ve already been through a lot during our honeymoon together, I know. You’ve begged, hesitated, whined, and cried. I wanted to let those moments settle in for you a bit. Now, it’s time to get down to business. We’re MARRIED; you’re COMMITTED. It’s too late for you now. You’ve fallen in love with me, with the woman you wanted.

Now, I’ll lay down the new rules, starting with your tasks to accomplish while you’re at home alone today, and throw you right into how this home – and your life – will be run from this point forward. You also know that naughty slaves must be punished by over-the-knee spanking… I won’t hesitate to dole them out on your bare ass the moment I arrive at home if I find it necessary.