"You take me to places physics don't allow and by bridging the gap between reality and fantasy, give my wife pointers on role play she is beginning to employ in our sex life. Thanks so much for taking this fetish in your stride."

You’re Going to Come So Hard for Me


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18 April 2023

*NOW in 1080p FULL HD!

Don’t you like thinking back on all the very special moments we’ve shared together?  How it’s happened, time after time… how this was all just destined to happen?  You’re my very special boy… I love the way you look at me so adoringly.  I love how hard your young cock gets for me.

Haven’t you enjoyed all of our encounters together so far?  Your mommy has… in fact, I want to do something just for you… this is our chance to have some dedicated time together… just the two of us… taking it slow… feeling our love… the special connection between us… don’t you want to hear me breathe “come in mommy’s pussy” between deep moans while watching my big breasts bounce above you?