"I've been binging on you for two days, producing a half pint of semen tribute. I LOVE your work."

Let Me Ease You Out of Your Sexual Anxiety


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14 May 2019

You’ve NEVER had sex before?  I can understand your anxiety.  Yes, sex is so complex, full of questions, and of course, you want to do everything just right.  Don’t worry.  We can work through all of your questions and concerns, every little hesitation you may have due to your lack of experience.

As your sexual therapist, I just need to get acquainted with your sexual history.  Now, what size is your cock?  Too shy to tell me?  Well, you can just show it to me… OH-MY-GOD!!!  I can’t believe… Well, now, you definitely don’t have anything to worry about.

Any woman would… well, would you like me to demonstrate a few techniques for you?  Better yet, would you like to show me how you masturbate?  Don’t be shy, I’m a professional.

By observing your hands manipulate that gorgeous cock of yours, I may be able to help you improve your technique.  If you don’t want to show me, I’ll be more than willing to show you what to do with it…